Annexes to Cadernos de Fraseoloxía Galega

In 2003, the Journal Cadernos de Fraseoloxía Galega established its final structure, its miscellaneous content, its annual periodicity and selective international dissemination objectives. That year, it was decided to separate the monographic issues that included a Galician phraseological collection of high relevance, such as the Annex1, 2007. This means that the issues started to be systematic from the CFG6, 2004, with the ISSN 1698-7861. Previously, there had been four monographic issues of such a type (CFG1,2000; CFG2,2000; CFG3,2003; CFG5,2003). Henceforth a monographic issue will follow the CFG annex system and will have a specific ISSN. In number 19 will have a e-ISSN.